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Official Microsoft SQL Azure Pages and Links

Official Microsoft SQL Azure Pages and Links

Window Azure Developer Center
Links, videos, information, and resources to help you get started with SQL Azure.

SQL Azure Content Index
A centralized listing of all TechNet Wiki content pertaining to SQL Azure.

SQL Azure Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

SQL Azure Database Guide
A TechNet Wiki article with an abundance of links to resources and information that will help you learn more about the Microsoft SQL Azure Database. The article highlights Getting Started, Architecture and Design, How To, Training, Code Samples, Videos, Community Resources.

SQL Azure: Survival Guide
Information and links to Developer Centers, Documentation, SQL Azure Code Examples, Blogs, Videos, Accounts and Pricing, Connect with the SQL Azure community and the Azure teams, and more.

Windows Azure Pricing Calculator.
Quickly see the cost for the Azure SQL Database size and the bandwith of data going out from an Azure SQL Database.

Windows Azure Pricing Details.
An extensive coverage of Azure Pricing including Azure SQL Databases.

Accounts and Billing in Windows Azure SQL Database
Learn about the SQL Azure Editions, billing, buying an Azure SQL Database subscription, Bandwidth usage, limiting the size of databases, and viewing your bill and usage charges.

Windows Azure SQL Database Billing Numbers Directly From Transact-SQL
How to use two Azure SQL Dynamic Managed Views called sys.database_usage and sys.bandwidth_usage to see the activity for your account. This helps explain account usage from a billing perspective. A TechNet Wiki article.

Windows Azure Developer Center
Links and information to help develop applications for Windows Azure.

Tools and Utilities Support (SQL Azure Database)
A list of links to tools and utilities that can be used with SQL Azure from the MSDN Library.

Comparing SQL Server with SQL Azure
SQL Azure is compared to SQL Server with a helpful chart of features.

SQL Azure Feature Limitations
Features in SQL Server not supported in SQL Azure.

Microsoft's Learn SQL Azure Page
This page has an abundance of links to help you learn to use SQL Azure.

MSDN Microsoft SQL Azure Page
Get started, learn SQL Azure, read Hot Topics, set up a SQL Azure account, log into the SQL Azure Portal, and more.

New Windows Azure Platform Management Portal
A web-based user interface that provides full control over your SQL Azure accounts, servers, firewalls and your SQL Azure databases. You can create and manage databases, tables, views, stored procedures, run queries and much more.

The Windows Azure Portal
Manage your SQL Azure Projects and databases all in one place.

Accounts and Billing in SQL Azure
Covers the SQL Azure Editions, billing, buying a SQL Azure subscription, Bandwidth usage, limiting the size of databases, and viewing your bill and usage charges.

Windows Azure Service Dashboard
Check to see if there are problems with your SQL Azure Service or any of the the Microsoft Data Centers with the Windows Azure Service Dashboard. You can use the supplied RSS links to be updated if there are any problems.

SQL Azure Security Guidelines and Limitations
Incudes information about SQL Azure Firewalls, Encryption and Certificate Validation, Authentication, Logins and Users, and Best Practices.

Why Do I Need a Clustered Index?
This article explains why all SQL Azure Tables are required to have a clustered index.

SQL Azure Labs
Preview and test new products and features.

SQL Azure Labs Support Forum
Get help and support for SQL Azure Labs new products and features.

SQL Azure Community
Another community site featuring blogs and forums.

Microsoft SQL Azure Forum
Get answers to your questions, learn, and share.

Microsoft Online Services Customer Portal
Read your bill, purchase Microsoft Subscriptions and Services, and get Support.

Getting Started with SQL Azure using the Windows Azure Platform Management Portal

Microsoft Online Services Customer Portal Support Page

Licensing Options For Independent Software Vendors
Microsoft's Royalty Licensing Program enables you to deliver custom software applications which are integrated with Microsoft products to your customers.

Microsoft Sync Framework 4.0 October 2010 CTP Documentation
Sycronize SQL Server and SQL Azure with the Sync Framework.

Microsoft Sync Framework Developer Center
Information, resources, downloads, code samples, blogs, and more about the Microsoft Sync Framework.

Official Microsoft Blogs

Microsoft SQL Azure Team Blog Posts
Keep up with the latest SQL Azure news and learn how to use SQL Azure.

Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) Team Blog
Migrate your data from a number of different database platforms to SQL Azure.

Windows Azure Developer Tools Team Blog
Keep up with the latest developer tools for SQL Azure and Windows Azure. Windows Azure Team Blog
The official Windows Azure Team Blog.

Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket Blog
Get the latest information about the Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket where you can buy or sell data services.

AppFabric Team Blog
Covers Windows Azure AppFabric, Windows Server AppFabric, WCF and WF, development, deployment, and management.

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