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The Microsoft Access and SQL Azure Information Center for Developers

Learning to develop Microsoft Access Cloud applications using an Azure SQL Database as a back end is new territory for many. Although there are many similarities to developing an Access application that uses a hosted SQL Server database, there are also a number of differences that can trip you up unless you are aware of them. Keeping up with the latest changes is critical. For example using OLE DB and ADODB with Azure SQL Databases is now supported wheres it was previusly not supported for versions after SQL Server 2012. Until the new drivers are released in March 2018 we can use the SQL Server Native Client.

The biggest problem I faced when I began developing with Access and SQL Azure was finding the information and help I needed. I have found no single web page, site, help file, document, or source of information on how to develop Access Applications that could use SQL Azure. I spent countless hours using online searches, downloading documents, using SDKs, reading books and reading online to get the necessary information and solve problems. Some vital information could not be found so at times I had to learn through trial and error. There needs to be a better way for Access developers to get the crucial information we need to develop with SQL Azure.

So I am gathering together information, links, tips, scripts, and articles and building a Microsoft Access and SQL Azure Information Center for Developers to save you some valuable time and headaches. We will list important links, downloads, articles and blogs, scripts, code samples, tips, and new developments.

You are welcome to submit your own tips, code samples, links, comments, and articles. You can contact me at . Be sure to let us know if you want us to publish a link or email address so we can give you credit for your submission. We want to maintain a standard of high quality and usefulness so all submissions will be screened for value and relevance.

Even as I was preparing this post I received a request in an email from a developer asking where they could get information about developing Access and SQL Azure applications. It looks like I had better get busy.

While I am busy you can download and try out our Free Demonstration Application that shows a little of what can be done with Access and SQL Azure.

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