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Learn What SQL Azure and Microsoft Access Can Do for You!

See our Access and SQL Azure Information Center for Developers.

Download the free Microsoft Access Demonstration Application that uses the Internet to access SQL Azure
The SQL Azure Cloud App demonstration application is a simple application which demonstrates how Microsoft Access can access and save data using SQL Azure. It is most important that you read the ReadMeFirst.txt and the Release Notes.txt files before using the application.
Version 1.6.2 for Access 2010, 2013
Version 1.6.2 for Access 2007

Get the required Microsoft SQL Server Drivers
Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Native Client
Click Install Instructions.
Go down to the page until you find "Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Native Client"
Download the file that matches your Windows Operating System
This will be "X64 Package" (64 bit) unless you are using an older 32 bit computer which requires the "X86 Package".

Some of the Many Advantages of Using Microsoft Access and SQL Azure:

  • Multiple user access 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  • SQL Azure User Level Access and Security
  • Lower development costs
  • Faster software develpment
  • No expensive software to buy
  • No hardware to purchase
  • You only pay for the services you use
  • Secure Data Storage at a Microsoft Secure Data Center
  • Data Loss Prevention by Microsoft's redundant backups and Failover protection

SQL Azure Applications are Always Available

Microsoft SQL Azure databases are Microsoft's SQL Server® Cloud services hosted in one of Microsoft's secure data centers. We can make SQL Azure applications available for you anywhere your computer can connect to the Internet, 365 days a year around the clock. And with the lower costs of developing with Microsoft Access and Microsoft's $9.99 a month Pay as you go  plan any size business can afford the access, security, and capabilities of a SQL Azure Cloud application.

SQL Azure Enables New Possibilities

Just think of what we will be able to do with this capability that SQL Azure makes possible! A technician on a service call can enter all the data he needs right on the spot and get all the information about his next service call. Back at the office a fellow employee can see the list of items the technician used and he can order the items needed so they can keep the technicians adequately supplied. An employeee can register a sale on the road and the customer’s order is instantly processed for fast service. An office on the East coast can access the data that someone at the office on the West coast just entered. Appointments can be made without causing scheduling conflicts. Businesses both large and small can benefit from a SQL Azure application.

Microsoft Access and SQL Azure Development Costs are Low

We can develop applications that cost a fraction of what other software development companies charge because we are using Microsoft Access as the User Interface. Applications that would normally take months for a team of developers to produce a web based application can be done in weeks by a much smaller number of people developing with Microsoft Access and SQL Azure. We get you up and running quicker at lower cost to you. There is no expensive software to buy. If you do not already have Microsoft Access the Access runtime is free.

SQL Azure Monthly Service Charges are Affordable

Microsoft has a number of different service plans so you can get a plan that meets your needs and your budget. Even very small businesses can afford the “Pay As You Go” plan for $9.99 a month plus data transfer charges.  Plus you do not pay for time when you are not using SQL Azure.

SQL Azure Has SQL Server Security

You may wonder if your sensitive information will be kept safe and secure. SQL Azure is SQL Server in the “Cloud” so you get all the benefits of SQL Server security. This is the same security used by many large corporations. Some similar applications using Microsoft Access and SQL Server have hundreds of users and we recently learned of an application with over 1200 users that works securely. Our SQL Azure applications are strictly limited to allow access to only what each user needs to get the job done. SQL Azure security can be fine-tuned to keep your data very secure.

SQL Azure Has Excellent Data Loss Prevention

Another benefit of SQL Azure is the security and protection Microsoft provides to prevent loss of data. Every SQL Azure database is safely located in one of Microsoft's secure data centers around the world. Every data center is owned and managed by Microsoft and we get to choose which data center hosts our SQL Azure database. You can take a video tour of one of Microsoft’s massive and secure data centers.

Years ago lightning struck the utility pole in my yard and it fried my hard drive. I lost everything. Now I make backups of my backups! Likewise Microsoft maintains 3 identical copies of your SQL Azure database on different physical servers. They provide automatic failover so if there is a hardware failure you are automatically switched to a backup copy and you will probably not even know there was a problem. This is huge advantage over using other SQL Server hosting companies.

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See our Access and SQL Azure Information Center for Developers.