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The Free Report Date Manager

The Report Date Manager for the US and for the UK and AU enables you to click on your Report Name in a ListBox. Then you can select the Date Field you want to Filter with a ComboBox, and use other controls to select the exact dates you want to see.

Report Date Manager for the UK and AU

The Report Date Manager

Download the Free Report Date Manager for the US

Download the Free Report Date Manager for the AU and UK

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Report Date Manager Features

Select a Single Date or a Date Range. The Select Dates ComboBox lets you instantly select "This Month", "Last Month", "This Quarter", "Last Quarter", "This Year", "Last Year" and much more.

Produce Reports more easily and much faster.

Instead of making several Reports or changing queries you can use a single Report to produce any number of Date Filtered Reports.

You do not need to change your Queries, Reports, or Forms to use the Report Date Manager.

The Report Date Manager is easy to install. If you are not already using our Free Pop-up Calendar, just import all the Forms, all the Modules, and the tblCalendarDates Table into your Database and you are ready to go.

If you are already using our Pop-up Calendar you need to import all of the above except the frmCalendar Form, the basCalendar Module, and the tblCalendarDates Table.

This Database contains many comments for those who want to examine the code.

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