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The free Code Tracker Add-in for Microsoft Access® has been upgraded to Version 1.0 and can be used in Access 2002, 2003, and 2007. You can download the file from our free downloads page.

The Code Tracker 1.0 Add-in records the use of every procedure in your database. You can see how and when your code is being used. We have added a number of Reports and a Report Form that allows you to filter and sort your code use data in a multitude of different ways. Plus the Code Use Data form allows you to view and filter your data in over 17 different ways. You can spot and eliminate procedures and modules that never get used, and you can see which procedures are used most often. You can see the flow of code use for your databases by sorting all used procedures by date and time. The Code Tracker reveals how your code is really working and you will undoubtably be surprised how often some procedures are used.

This free Add-in is not a demo. It is a mda file so you can see all of the code and how it works. Because the data is saved in tables on your database, you can create your own Reports and Forms to view the data according to your needs.

Instructions are included in the zip file. Unzip the downloaded file to the location of your choice and read the text files for help getting started.

Image of Code Tracker Menu

The new Code Tracker Report Manager allows you to filter Reports by dates, Procedures, and Modules.

Image of Code Tracker Report Manager

You can sort code use by procedure, by module, by date and time, by number of uses and more. You can also see a list of every Procedure and Module that is not being used so you can trim unused procedures and Modules from your database. You can drill down to individual modules or procedures.

Image of Code Use Data Form

You can download the free Code Tracker 1.0 on our Free Downloads Page.
A free mdb edition of the Code Tracker is also available.

I hope the Code Tracker 1.0 can help you make your Access Applications better.

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