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The Two Best Tools for Microsoft Access I Have Ever Used

August 28, 2013

Some time ago Luke Chung, the President and Founder of FMS, gave me two FMS Tools for Microsoft Access and asked me to let him know how they worked for me. I am so pleased with the FMS applications I decided to make my report public and this is it. Without a doubt the Total Access Analyzer and the Total Access Detective are the two best tools I have ever used to develop better Access applications. They both come with Free Technical Support for 30 days, after which you may purchase a support subscription, and printed User Guides which are actually small books. I never needed Technical Support because the User Guides are so helpful. Disclaimer: I am not being compensated in any way by FMS to write this article.

The Total Access Analyzer
The Total Access Analyzer helps me find errors I could never discover with other tools. It thoroughly examines the structure of my databases and every property and setting of every object in the database including the code. It shows me any errors and provides Suggestions for best practices and Performance Tips. It also reveals any issues with code and documents how my code works, and can produce diagrams. It even helps find Embedded Macros and TempVars! It is easy to see why the Total Access Analyzer has been the Winner of every Best Access Add-In Award since 1994.

The Total Access Detective
The Total Access Detective is also very useful and has helped me to document all the differences between two Access databases or between two Access objects. It works quite quickly when comparing two objects. I produce several editions of some databases and it is important that they all work the same. The Total Access Detective checks every property and setting, including code, and shows you every difference. It has helped me to produce much higher quality Access databases.

Highly Configurable
Both the Total Access Analyzer and the Total Access Detective are highly configurable. This is one of the best features of this software and I have not found comprehensive information and configurations like this available in any other tool. You can see as much data or as little as you want. You can focus on specific objects or entire databases. This versatility is very useful.

Generate Very Comprehensive and Detailed Information
The applications can take a long time to gather the data needed from your Access databases. But this is not a weakness but rather it is a strength. This meticulous and painstaking attention to the smallest detail is one of the things that sets them apart from all other Access utilities and tools. These FMS tools have earned the word "Total" in their names.

Produce a Variety of Report File Types
Another valuable feature of these tools is the ability to create and configure the hundreds of Reports available and export them in the different file types provided by Access including PDF, XPS, Excel, Word RTF file, Text file, and HTML. Plus you can save reports as tables in your database.

Conclusion: Awesome!
It is not often we can so enthusiastically recommend Tools for Access. But the Total Access Analyzer and the Total Access Detective are simply the best tools of their kind I have ever used. You can produce Access databases of the highest professional quality by using them. They make you look good. They are worth every penny you invest in them.

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