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Articles By Patrick Wood

How We Sync Access and Outlook Calendar Appointments
Learn how we help businesses and organizations sync Appointments in Access and the Outlook Calendar. Your Appointmens can be seen and managed online using Office 365. You can manage your Appointments, meetings, and other events using both Access and Outlook.

From Access to Outlook-Add Your Custom Data to the Outlook Calendar
Learn how to use Access to create Appointments in the Outlook Calendar. You can manage your business Appointments, meetings, and other events in both Access and Outlook.

How to Create a Read-Write Desktop Database from Your Access Web App
Access will automatically create an Access Reports Desktop Database for you that is Read-Only but you are not limited to just that option. With a little code you can easily change those linked tables to Read-Write tables. You can enjoy all the rich features and flexibility we all have come to love with Access. It is good to know that using an Access Web App does not limit you to having that as the only tool in your developer tool belt.

Since Web Apps are new to many of us I am going to start from the beginning and show step-by-step how to create an Access Desktop Database with Read-Write linked tables to your Web App's Azure SQL Database. You begin with your Web App opened in Access.

The Two Best Access Tools I Have Ever Used
Some time ago I was given two Access Tools by Luke Chung of FMS and was asked let him know how they work for me. I am so pleased with the FMS applications I decided to make my report public and this is it.

How to Use Microsoft Access to Create Logins in a SQL Azure Database
Learn how to use a Pass-through query with Access code to create a Login in a SQL Azure Database. You can then use that login in your Access Database can use to manage permissions and data in SQL Azure.

How to Create SQL Azure Database Users With Microsoft Access VBA
Learn how to create SQL Azure Database Users which are necessary for your Access databases to work with SQL Azure. SQL Azure Database Users make it possible for you to manage permissions for your Access databases and users.

How to Use Microsoft Access to Manage SQL Azure Database Users and Roles
Learn how to create SQL Azure Database Roles and add Users to the Roles. This will enable you to control with precision which users have access to the objects in SQL Azure by using SQL Azure Permissions.

Building Safer SQL Azure Cloud Applications with Microsoft Access
Examines the security risks of using DSNs, Linked Tables, and saved Pass-through queries and demonstrates how to safely manage data from SQL Azure using Access.

How to Plug Microsoft Access accde and mde Security Leaks
This article reveals the security risks of accde and mde files and presents some ways you can greatly improve the security of your files.

Microsoft Access DSN-Less Linked Tables: TableDef.Append or TableDef.RefreshLink?
A look at which is better to use when creating DSN-less linked tables: TableDef.Append or TableDef.RefreshLink.

How To's for Access, SQL Azure, and SQL Server
Come to this page for the latest How To's, tips, and code.

Download the Free SQL Azure Cloud Demonstration App for Microsoft Access
The SQL Azure Cloud App demonstration application is a simple application which demonstrates how Microsoft Access can access and save data using SQL Azure.

The Advantages of SQL Azure and Microsoft Access
Learn What SQL Azure and Microsoft Access Can Do for You. Learn about lower costs, no expensive hardware to purchase and maintain, faster developement time, safe access to your data 24/7, and more.

A Place to Find the Help You Need to Develop Microsoft Access and SQL Azure Applications
Why I created the Microsoft Access and SQL Azure Information Center for Developers and how you can contribute.

How to Rename Microsoft Access Form Controls Instantly
Because new Form Controls are automatically given the same name as the Control Source errors can occur because when you use Expressions Access may mistake the name of the control as the name of the field. One procedure can easily rename all the necessary controls on a form.

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