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How We Sync Access and Outlook Calendar Appointments

A Business Problem

I got a call from a business owner. He needed a way to let workers in the fabrication plant know when customer orders were due so they could complete them on schedule. The fabrication plant was in a separate building and the methods they were using to communicate were taking valuable time away from getting work done. Changes in the job orders or schedule ate up more time. They need a solution that was the right fit for their business.

Our Business Solution

The solution we provided used the Office 365 they already had. The data automatically appeared in a shared Outlook Calendar the workers in the plant could see online using a PC, tablet, or phone. In the office, all they had to do was to save or update an order as usual. The Outlook Calendar Appointments would automatically display the changes online. Because we were able to add code to their existing Access Database they did not have to buy new software or loose valuable time learning to use new software.

We specialize in helping businesses sync their data with Outlook Calendars.
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Syncing Access and Outlook Appointments

You would think it would be simple and easy for Office users to sync Access and Outlook Calendar Appointments. Unfortunately this is not the case. Although it is fairly easy to link to an Outlook Calendar in Access the linked table contains no Start or End Dates or Times. You could try the Outlook View Control but Microsoft tells us there are problems with it. Microsoft also advises us not to use the View Control outside of Outlook so we do not use it in Access.

Use the Office 365 You Already Have

The general consensus among Access developers is to use Outlook Automation. We use Outlook Automation by adding VBA code in Access to run Outlook. This means you can keep using the Office 365 Subscription you already have. We can add the code to your existing Access Database.

What we can do using Outlook Automation:

  • Use your existing Access Database and Outlook Calendar
  • Sync Access and Outlook Appointments Automatically
  • Export Appointments from Access to Outlook
  • Import Appointments from Outlook into Access
  • View and Share Appointments Online


  • Uses reliable, proven technology
  • Less expensive than other solutions
  • Keep using your existing Access Database
  • Keep using your Outlook Calendar
  • No new software to purchase or develop
  • Avoid time and expense training to use new software
  • Use the Office 365 subscription you already have

We Help You Focus on Your Business Rather than Red Tape

Helping organizations and businesses save money and time by working more efficiently has been our specialty since 2007. Contact us today to discover how we can make your business more efficient, saving time and money.

Learn How We Can Help You Today

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